Fair Fashion Style


Refreshed from a nice summer break enjoying nature to it’s fullest, I felt like it is time that I write something about sustainable fashion, including how sewing can be seen as a great alternative for Fast Fashion. Now, we all sew for different reasons. I’m sure that one of the biggets reasons is the creative […]

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Charlie Pattern Giveaway

Are you getting ready to make your own summer Charlie? Then join the Raffle and win a free Charlie pattern! How does it work? Fill out the Rafflecopter below and share which of the two Charlie versions you like the most. Raffle ends Friday June 24th @ noon! The winner will be sent a printed […]

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Another Summer Charlie

After my last Charlie in a cotton stretch fabric I wanted to make another Charlie, but this time in a summer fabric with some more drape…..Yes, I clearly still have vacation on my mind! After shopping around on the Internet I found this Green-Yellow viscose at De Stoffenstraat and was absolutely sold! I love green. […]

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Charlie gets a cap sleeve

In May we were extremely happy to have finalized all the pdf patterns. Of course this was celebrated with a pdf sale: see our May Newsletter. In June the focus was supposed to be translating patterns to English…. that might just sound like translating a whole bunch of text but it really is a little […]

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