Frequently Asked Questions

What countries do you ship to? 

We are shipping worldwide. Currently all patterns are available in Dutch. However we are working very hard to translate the existing collection to English now as well. We will let you know when these can be ordered as soon as possible.
If you live in Belgium we recommend placing your order with one of our Belgian sellers. This will save you both on shipping expenses as well as delivery time. You will find an overview of our Stockists here.

Do you also offer .pdf patterns?  

Yes! In the Spring of 2016 we started adding .pdf patterns to the existing collection. Not all patterns have been transfered yet, but we are in the process of offering the entire collection in pdf. format. For now they are only available with Dutch instructions. But we are working on the English versions as well.
When you like to purchase a pattern in .pdf format you simply select ‘pdf pattern’ from the dropdown menu in the pattern store. Please note that all our .pdf patterns are final sale and cannot be returned. So check your order carefully when shopping, making sure you selected the right format.

How quickly will I get my .pdf pattern? 

Instantly! As soon as you have paid for your .pdf pattern, your will get a pop up screen with your downloadable files. These files will also be sent to you by e-mail and will permanently (how nice is that!) be available in ‘your account’. Here you can download your patterns as many times as you want, but please do note that they are for personal use only! It is not allowed to share, sell, copy or produce any of our patterns.

I have never used a .pdf pattern. How does it work? 

You will receive this How to .pdf file with your order which can also be found at our Tips & Tricks. Here you will find everything you need to know about printing, assembling and cutting a home-printed pattern. If you still run into problems or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

 Do I have to create an account? 

Yes! This was changed recently due to extra .pdf format we are now offering. You will be able to track your orders but most importantly download your pdf patterns from your account. After you have purchased your .pdf pattern they will first appear in a pop up screen, but will then also be permanently available in your account. So if in the future you would like to make a different size or if you have lost your downloaded or printed patterns, you can easily log into your account and find all your patterns there.

Where can I find information on sizing? 

Here you will find an overview of the sizes that Rosie & Me patterns are based on. However, we realize that there are very few people that actually fit all these measurements. It is possible that your chest, waist and hip all fall into a different size or even in between. We are all unique and our proportions and shapes vary. To start off we drafted the patterns based on ‘average’ measurements, resulted from a statistically average person. I wonder if she truly exists though, as I always found it hard to find fit models with the perfect measurements when I worked for retail companies. But of course we need to start somewhere and it makes sense to use ‘the average person’ for that. Now to perfectionize the fit to your body measurements and shape, all Rosie & Me patterns come with clear fit tutorials. They will help you adjust the pattern to your specific measurements. Yay!

What cup-size are your patterns designed for?

All standard Rosie & Me patterns are drafted for a B-cup. The Plus collection is drafted for a C-cup. We understand that we all have different breast sizes and yours might not have a B or C cup. Therefore each Rosie & Me pattern comes with a tutorial how to either enlarge or reduce the breast size for the best fit for you.

An extra note: Since there are a lot of women wearing ‘the wrong’ bra size, we decided not to refer to cup sizes anymore, but to stick to measurements. We prefer to refer to Breast width (not to confuse with Chest width). You can find a blog article on this topic here: “Cup size becomes breast Width” (in Dutch).

Do your patterns include seam allowance?

We started just selling patterns in Dutch from our home base in Holland. Here we are used to patterns without seam allowance and therefore we also made the Rosie & Me patterns without seam allowance. However now that we are growing and will start to sell patterns worldwide (soon in English as well), and knowing that most countries are used to patterns that already have the seam allowance included, we realized that we need to reconsider this. We did a little market research and have decided that the English patterns and also all new collection will include a 1,5 cm (5/8 inch) seam allowance. The Dutch patterns that are currently in the store, have no seam allowance.

Do the instructions come in centimeters or in inches?

All the patterns in Dutch come in centimeters as Dutch speaking people are used to the metric system. The English patterns will include both centimeters and inches.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes! And we even have a choice between a Digital gift card or a Printed gift card.
The digital gift card is a pdf file and will be sent to you by e-mail. It is designed in such a way that you can print it on heavier paper yourself, cut it out and fold it as a gift card.
The printed gift card is printed on recycled heavy paper, will come with a gift envelope and will be sent via standard post. Due to the extra costs for printing, packaging and shipping there will be a surcharge of € 2,50.
More info you will find here


Can I sell garments made from Rosie & Me patterns?

No you can’t. Rosie & Me patterns are for personal home use ONLY and can not be commercially produced. It is not allowed to share, sell or copy any of our patterns.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes we do! Here you will find an overview of our Stockists, both webshops and brick-and-mortar stores.

Are you interested in carrying our patterns in your store or webshop? Please send us an email for more information on wholesale prices and the terms & conditions. We are currently working on a wholesale-account page just for retailers to be able to log in and place orders with reduced prices. For now orders can only be placed via email. There is a minimum of 10 patterns.