Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small information files that can be automatically stored on your device (computer, tablet or smartphone) while you are visiting a website. This is done through the web browser on your device. The information that can be transmitted by a cookie, over the use of our website, can be transferred to secured servers.

Why does Rosie & Me use cookies?

  • We use cookies to offer the functionalities on our website and to protect it (technical or functional cookies);
  • To analyse and improve the use of our website (analytical cookies);
  • To make the internet offer more interesting for you by displaying advertisements that fit your interests and that enable you to share our webpages on different social media channels (advertisement & social media cookies).

What Cookie types does Rosie & Me use?

  • Social media cookies
    Below is an overview of the cookies used on this website, for which we ask your consent. Some cookies are used by us, while other cookies are used by third parties. We do not control those third parties and how they deal with your personal data. For more information about how these third parties interact with their cookies, please read the specific privacy policy from the third parties: Privacy policy of Facebook and Instagram
  • Technical or functional cookies
    Some cookies ensure the functioning of specific features of our website and allow your user preferences to be remembered. These types of cookies can be used to correctly display fonts and remember your user session on the webserver.
  • Analytical cookies: 1. Google Analytics
    Cookies from Google Analytics provides us with insight about the use of our website, to offer us reports about the website and to provide us with information about the effectivity of our campaigns. The information we obtain will, together with the address of your computer (IP address), be transferred to Google and will be stored by Google on servers within the United States of America. We have concluded a data processing agreement with Google regarding the processing of collected data. We have not permitted Google to use the obtained information for any of the other Google Services. Google is, however, able to provide information to third parties in case Google is legally obliged to do so, or if these third parties process the information on behalf of Google. We have no further influence on this. More information about the processing of personal data by Google Analytics can be found within the privacy policy of Google
  • Analytical cookies: 2. Facebook Pixel
    We use the Facebook Pixel to:
    1.  measure the effectivitiy of advertisements (to analyse the amonunt of visitors who see an advertisement also visit the website, sign up for the newsletter or place an order);
    2. create comparable target groups that are similar to website visitors in order to attract new customers who can benefit from the offer on the website;
    3. exclude you from advertisements if you have recently signed up for the newsletter, so that you do not see irrelevant advertisements.

    Here is explained how you can view and adjust your settings for online interest-based advertisement from Facebook at any time.

How you can disable or remove cookies?

You can prevent the placement of cookies by adjusting the browser settings. However, most websites do not function optimally when cookies are disabled.
Most cookies have an expiration date. They will automatically expire after a certain period and no longer register any data concerning your visit of the website. To remove the cookies manually (before the expiration date), please consult the instruction manual of your browser.

  1. Removing Cookies in Internet Explorer:
    Go to menu > control panel > Internetoptions > tab General.
    ‘Delete temporary files, history, cookies, saved passwords…’  Click Delete
  2. Removing Cookies in in Firefox:
    Go to Extra > Options > tab Privacy. Set it to ‘Use custom settings for history.
    Click on the ‘Show Cookies’ button on the right side
    Click ‘Cookies’ and make sure all the other items are unselected. Click on the ‘Clear Now’ button at the bottom.
  3. Removing Cookies in in Chrome:
    At the top right side of your browser toolbar, click on the Chrome icon. Click Options > tab Show advanced settings. Under ‘Cookies’, you will see ‘All cookies and site data’

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