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Refreshed from a nice summer break enjoying nature to it’s fullest, I felt like it is time that I write something about sustainable fashion, including how sewing can be seen as a great alternative for Fast Fashion.

Now, we all sew for different reasons. I’m sure that one of the biggets reasons is the creative aspect of it, but also to work with your hands, bringing a nice balance in a world where we face so many mental challenges. Another reason could be to finally get the best fit for your unique body. All very good reasons to be a sewer, sewist, seamstress or however you like to call yourself.

But don’t forget, that by making your own clothes you also help to eliminate pollution and poor working conditions that are associated with Fast Fashion. Nowadays, you can choose for ecological fabrics and materials that are widely available. Plus, by making your own wardrobe you know for sure that it was made with love.

Besides, the beautiful aspect of creating something that is your personal style is that you will end up enjoying it much longer. This is your style!, and not a specific trend that the stores have in mind for you. Enjoying your clothes longer and buying new ones less: Slow Fashion.

A little while ago Marieke from Fair Fashion Style asked me to share my vision on Fair Fashion from a sewing perspective. As a guest blogger I wrote this article (in Dutch) and felt honored that I was able to bring sewing in the sustainable spotlight. Coming back from vacation, I read this critical article (in Dutch) about the recently presented Dutch ‘Textile Agreement’ and it made me realize how current the guestblog-article really is. Something that I would like to share with you…

Let’s not be a fashion victim and find our own way to make the fashion world more sustainable!

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