Another Summer Charlie

After my last Charlie in a cotton stretch fabric I wanted to make another Charlie, but this time in a summer fabric with some more drape…..Yes, I clearly still have vacation on my mind!

viscose stoffenstraatAfter shopping around on the Internet I found this Green-Yellow viscose at De Stoffenstraat and was absolutely sold! I love green. And the yellow and white give it that summery look I was going for. Well, that ánd the floral print of course.
Now I know it does look a little bit like grandma’s old tablecloth, but that’s exactly what I love about it. Who doesn’t want a dress from grandma’s old tablecloth?

What did I do this time to get a new Charlie look?

  • Like I said I wanted it to be drapy, so choose a 100% viscose fabric.
  • Unfortunately it was a bit harder to find a nice contrasting fabric to go with it. I wanted it to match the lighter green, but had no luck anywhere. So I decided it was going to be tablecloth ALL-over.
  • Since it is summery and a little bold I liked it to be shorter, so yup….took off quite a bit of the length. The hem might seem shorter in the back then in the front, but that is caused by my funny posing (not my favourite hobby as I always feel a bit uncomfortable).
  • Other fit adjustments are the same as I did to my previous Charlie including the new cap sleeve.
  • I changed the direction of the band to be on the bias. That way I got a straight print instead of the diagonal print.
  • Instead of having the waist tie to the side I liked it in the back. Only adjusmtent here is the length of the straps, so they end up even again.
  • Instead of the rounded hemline at the front skirt, I decided that the print asked for a straight squared hemline instead.
  • Matching the print on the side seam was not so important to me, but I did match up the print on the front skirt. Making it a bit easier for the eye. FotorCharliekort

This fabric feels wonderful and I believe that this dress will be perfect for our camping plans…. a quick wrap dress on top of my bikini (yes, I am expecting some sunshine by now). Perfect for when I need to go get…uh…. what will it be? Ice-cream? Or a drink at the bar? Yes! I think it will have to be both every single day for the next couple of weeks!

Note that as I enjoy my ice-cream & drinks the web shop will be closed:
From June 24th – July 11th.

Digital patterns can still be bought as this will get to you via automated magic.
For printed versions please visit any of our Stockists.


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