Our 1st digital pattern! Wiehooo!

After going through some (to say the least!) technical difficulties we can now officially anounce that:

…..doing a little dance behind my computer as I type this…..

It was in the planning for a long long time and I am super excited that it all worked out. Ok, ok, it is only one pattern so far….but now that the road has been paved the rest of the collection should be a smoother ride. To kick of our digital pattern collection we thought to go for our bestseller, the Brooke pattern. As you can see we now have a dropmenu where you can select either a ‘Printed Pattern’ which is the booklet that you are used to, or a ‘Digital Pattern’ in pdf format.

Now why would you choose for a Digital Pattern?
There are few pros and cons to digital patterns.

First of course the pro’s:

  • You can start your project immediately! No waiting for your printed pattern to be deliverd by mail, no I mean you can start printing them right NOW! As soon as your payment is made you will get a pop up with your downloads and start printing them.
  • The downloadable files will be kept in ‘your account’ permanently. This means you can reprint them whenever you want….if you don’t like retracing a pattern, just reprint them. And if you want a different size in the future or if you have lost a pattern, just go to your account and download them again, as many times as you like.
  • Digital patterns are much cheaper. Not only the pattern itself is cheaper, you also don’t have to pay for shipping costs. So you save money twice.

And yes there are a few cons as well:

  • It takes some paper and ink to print all the pages. Make sure to set your printer on ‘draft’ mode. This will save you a little ink.
  • You have to cut and assemble all the pages together to create one big pattern sheet. That takes a bit more work. There is an alternative to this. With your files there will also be a single sheet file. You can take this file to your local print shop and have the pattern printed on one big sheet. That does save you some cutting and pasting, but of course you do have to pay for the print costs.
  • You won’t have the pretty booklet that the Rosie & Me patterns come in.

If you have never ordered a digital pattern and the whole thing might seem kinda scary (all new technological things always seem kinda scary to me so I understand)….I can hopefully help you breathe through this by reading our ‘How to pdf‘ tutorial. All the need to knows, tips, tricks, pictures on how to’s are bundled in this document.

Anything still unclear? Please let us know! We are constantly trying to improve things, so your feedback is very important to us.

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