Update & Behind the Scene

As mentioned in the December Newsletter, the website will slowly change to English. Both existing and new patterns will also be translated to English, but still be offered in Dutch as well…. So you will have a choice. Nice!

Since it is hard to keep up two websites, I had to make a choice there. Now there are a few more people on the planet speaking English…and far less Dutch, so that choice was easily made: English it is! Sorry for those of you that are less comfortable with reading English. Like I said, the patterns (and instructions) still come in Dutch and if you run into any problems or questions feel free to contact me in Dutch and I will try my best to help you!

We kicked of the year with our January Newsletter introducing the Plus Collection. I’m very happy (read: proud, super excited, thrilled) how it all came together. The photo’s really show how well these patterns look on women with a bigger size. And with the Amber & Brooke added to the Plus collection, we have both a winter and summer look to start of with.

In case you picture yourself in a yellow ochre chevron dress like Lana…. (which might be smart to do on a grey end of the winter day…just as a cheer up)…. I can tell you that this lovely, very affordable cotton, comes from one of our stockists: LanaLotta. They have the chevron print in various colors, but we just loved this yellow ochre color.

The Amber dress was made in a nice drapy light weight wool with some stretch in it. Very comfortable to wear. I bought it on the Fabric market (better known as ‘lapjesmarkt’) in Utrecht. A place you really have to go if you ever visit Utrecht on a Saturday. Lana can give you a tour so you know why I feel so fortunate living so close-by.

To wrap things up, I really want to share how much fun I had with Lana (our model) and Doreen (our photographer)…some is captured in a little vlog posted by Lana. Like I said I’m super happy with the great photo’s we made that day, all displayed in the pattern store. BUT! There are a few more…that were NOT displayed…we call them ‘outtakes’ (so I have been told). Or I call them: the having fun with Lana shots!


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